Instructions - Puja registration for specific day

Who can register?
  • This online registration is only for devotees who cannot visit the Bhimashankar Temple in person but still want to offer their prayers and dedication through a puja/abhisheka ceremony.
Who cannot register?
  • If you are planning to visit the temple physically and perform the puja yourself, this online registration is not valid. Those arrangements can be done directly at the temple.
How to pay?
  • You can securely pay for your chosen puja/abhisheka using your credit/debit card, internet banking, or online wallets through our payment gateway.
What do you get? After registering and completing your payment, you will receive:
  • An official receipt for your payment of Puja.
  • The blessed prasad (sacred offering) from the puja/abhisheka ceremony delivered by Indian post within 20-25 days.
Remember: This online registration is a way to connect with the divine energy of Bhimashankar even if you cannot be there physically. We hope this service allows you to experience the blessings of the temple from anywhere in the world.

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About bhimashankar

Bhimashankar Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of Shiva at 125 kms from Pune.


Events / Festivals

North Indian Shravan mass
Starting from 4-July-2023

Adhik Shravan mass
Starting from 18-July-2023

Regular Shravan mass
Starting from 17-Aug-2023

Kartik mass
Starting from 14-Nov-2023

Kartik Purnima

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